"REVIVING ROOTS, IGNITING FUTURES"  - A visit by Alumni to the Institute on 28th July 2023



Our institute recently hosted a fantastic Alumni Meet that brought together 26 distinguished alumni from the first six batches of Shipbuilding Engineering course, along with members of the management, faculty and current final year students. The event was organized in a short time but turned out to be a wonderful experience for everyone, filled with memories and dreams for our institute's future.

The most exciting part was when the alumni shared their stories of success and the challenges they faced. They talked about the different career options they explored, not just in sailing and designing, but in other fields too. It was so inspiring to hear about their journeys to success.

The final year students had a chance to talk one-on-one with the alumni. They asked questions about their future careers and even how to choose the right project for their final year. The alumni gave them great advice and guidance that will help them in their careers.

The Alumni Meet was a big success, and it brought everyone together like a big family. We learned from our alumni's experiences and got valuable career advice. We are excited about the future of our institute and can't wait to see it grow with the help of our amazing alumni!